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Jeff Rogers' Quotes!

Over the years, Jeff Rogers has shared many unique quotes and comments.
Some have been philosophical, some inspirational, and some have been silly!
These pages include some of them.

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"I live on hugs...
FEED ME!" 1995

"A hug is worth a thousand words." 2007

"There is no one quite like me. There ARE no boxes to put me in!"

"I suspect that people's communication skills (or lack, thereof) as drivers is reflective of their communication skills in other relationships."

"Thank you for being a special visitor to my life. I hope it's a long visit!" 2011

In reply to: "Based on my current rate of income, I estimate a comfortable retirement about 200 years after my death."

Jeff Rogers: "Perhaps a "comfortable retirement" means cushions in the coffin!"

"I once considered running a marathon, but then I realized I could drive there quicker!"

"I understand that the leading manufacturer of colon hydrotherapy machines is making an industrial strength model for politicians!"

"So many people seem to listen with their brains and/or ego... even their "ears", but to understand the truth and our true callings, etc., we need to listen with/from our hearts!"

"The head keep us upright and walking, etc. The heart keeps us going in the right direction!" ♥ 2011

Regarding this image:

Jeff Rogers: "That's 'irate' backward! Definitely worth cutting out! End the rage!" 2011

"Dreams: Reality has to start somewhere!" 2006 from Jeff's dream poem

"Dreams: Start your tomorrow today!" 2006 from Jeff's dream poem

"Love is the greatest thing in this world and is powerful when used as it is meant. Keep it to yourself and we are weak; Share it and we are strong!" 1996

"Be the light at the end of your own tunnel." 2011

"Damn the boxes, full speed ahead!!!" 2013

"We need to avoid and/or shake ourselves loose from the molds that people try to force us into! Just because people are not comfortable with others being outside their boxes, it does not mean that we should join them in theirs!!!" 2013

"Life does not give us any boxes that we are not able to think outside of!" 2013

The greatest thing a woman has to offer a man (or anyone) is her love. That doesn't come from her body. It comes from her soul via her heart!

Once, while I was snorkling, I discovered my porpoise! 2013

My thirst for Truth dictates that I not accept everything told/taught to me without questioning it! 2012

If people were secure in themselves, it wouldn't matter what differences people have (religion, nationality, color, language, age, diet, etc. etc.)
If people were secure in themselves and happy in their own love and growth, they would embrace the same in others! 2012

"Intuition is like having a live-in tutor for life!"

"You know, if I was not so easily distracted..."

"If a person feels a need to take it upon him/herself to judge someone, then it certainly isn't about the other person!" 2011

"Put-downs and condescension come from imbalance and insecurity. How can one accept comments from such a space? Remaining centered, oneself, will help ensure only uplifting output!" 2011

"Be the beauty you wish to see in others!" :-) ♥ 2011

"If you can't stand the heat...
get away from the dehydrator! ~:-)

"He who hesitates...
is delayed!" ~:-)

"That which doesn't kill me...
makes me turn and run the next time I see it!"

"You have as grand a future as you are willing to allow yourself to have!" 2010

"Remember... a smile means the same in all languages!" :-) 2010

"Boxes are great for packing and storage, but the only way to move forward in life is to think outside them!" 2010

"The body is a temple. It carries the soul through this lifetime."

"The war on disease is fought in the kitchen!" 2010

"Love is like a cocoon!" (Love is tranformative) 2010

"We're on the same page!
...and I think we may be in the same book!" 2010

Overheard: "Jeff's an open book!"
Jeff: "Yeah, but it's written in braille!" :)
(If one wants to 'read' a person, he/she must first understand the language of the person's life/soul.)

"There’s no such thing as déjà vu!"
"There’s no such thing as déjà vu!" 2010

"In a world where people often get caught up using their brain too much and their heart, not enough, instead of brainstorming... we should 'heartstorm'!"

"People sometimes complain about having a 'crappy' day! Remember... from crap (manure) can grow amazing things!" :)

"I wish to teach the world to take their health into their own hands... where it already is!" 2005

"Conclusions cannot be forced onto someone… they must be reached!" 1998

“'Fictional me' is the term I use for when people create fictional versions of me in their minds. It's sometimes very frustrating, as many humans do it and I (we) can't do much about it. What is especially interesting to me is when people make up things in their minds about others, then blame the others for what they have made up in their own minds!!!”

"Everyone may have a 'Fictional Me' for everyone they meet (unless, of course, those people are out of the ordinary and are open to discovering the true person)! It can be challenging to deal with people who create strong FM's that are quite different from the true person!"

"Many people take it upon themselves to try to judge others. I suggest that judgement (and condescension, etc.) comes from insecurity. While people may not be in a position to judge the character of others, many people attempt to do so. It seems to be the perceived business of some to judge others. Insecurity seems to manifest in that way. Insecurity in race manifests in anger/hatred/judgement toward other races; religion toward other religions; sexuality toward other sexualities; nationality toward other nationalities; etc. etc. Insecure people tend to pry into others’ business and judge them for the answers that differ from theirs." 2015


Jeff's writing
In addition to authoring his books, Vice Cream, and Vegan Ice Cream, Jeff has written a variety of poems, many for his home-made holiday cards:


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Many of Jeff's quotes can be found on his buttons:

Jeff's Buttons™

Jeff's Original Pin-Back Buttons
Jeff uses his creativity to create new designs for his 2 1/4" pin-back buttons. Soon to be available online, Jeff's Buttons ( are mostly vegetarian, vegan, and raw food-related, but include philosophical, animal rights, and just plain silly buttons! He also has a series of "hug" buttons. On his website, visitors can sign up to be notified when the site is ready. Over 220 designs and counting!


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