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Jeff Rogers' Quotes!

Over the years, Jeff Rogers has shared many unique quotes and comments.
Some have been philosophical, some inspirational, and some have been silly!
These pages include some of them.

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"It seems like the people who appear most insecure in themselves don't want people to be different from them! So, we should be secure enough in ourselves to do what is best for us!" 2013

Regarding: "The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people."

Jeff: "But jellyfish don't have 4x4's, beer, and guns!” 2015

"I find it interesting that a lot of people will interrupt others and then judge them on the partial thought that they interrupted!"

"I refuse to comment on that based on the fact that I refuse to comment on that."

" I have a very sharp mind/memory. OK, it’s actually like a sieve, but with very sharp edges!"

"Truth does not require exaggeration!"

Regarding: "When one door closes, another one opens."

"People can't open the next door if they keep yanking on a door that just closed!"

"Most people do not seem to recognize it, but the way we treat this planet (including the effects of consuming animal product-centered diets) is like defecating in very bed we sleep in. We can only ignore it for so long!"

"One cannot view a broad spectrum through a narrow vision!"

"We, as the dominant species on the planet, can no longer afford the luxury of entertaining ourselves at the expense of the planet."

"There's a very real danger when people believe what they attempt to project onto others." 2010

"People should spend more time getting to know each other at the soulular level!" 2014

"People do not need to try to make others wrong to be right. We all have pieces to the puzzle. Making other pieces wrong prevents us from completing the puzzle!"

Regarding: "Always paddle your own canoe." [Regarding life's journey.]

Jeff: "...and when paddling your canoe, remember to unhitch yourself from the dock! Some people keep their ship tied up or leave their anchor out. To truly set sail, we must unhitch and weigh anchor!"

"Intuition overcomes insecurity!" 2013

Regarding lack of communication while driving:

"Using one's turn signal is extremely easy! Paying attention (while driving) is also quite easy! So why do so many people choose to do neither?"

"An amazing concept in humans is that so many seem to thrive when they can try to put others down... but they never actually thrive." 2012

"Why is it some people seem to have a passion for being kill-joys, yet never seem to be happy doing it?" 2012

"I wish every child was taught how to listen to and develop his/her intuition, as well as how to be secure in him/herself."

"I've long recognized that I've never met anyone who is physically "ugly". True ugly is on the inside, even for the most physically "beautiful"!"

"Live and play outside the box!" 2012

"Release your resistance... embrace your motivation!"

"judging a person does not define who the other person is. It defines who you are." 2011

"We need to think outside the box of 'change'. Many people want "change", but then are unwilling to look outside their box. TRUE change is OUTSIDE that box!!!" 2011

"Be the beauty you wish to see in others!" 2011

"Fear, for many, is sufficient motivation to avoic transformation!" 2011

"They say 'misery loves company'. Sadly, I've noticed the same for judgment. Fortunately, I've also noticed the same for peace and love!" 2011

"When there's love and trust, all things are possible!" 2011

Peter B. Roth
Note to Self: "One's highest good can easily manifest when one releases his suffering."

Jeff Rogers: "I released my suffering once. Turned out to only be gas!"

On social media:

"Like chain email, I refuse to paste others' posts to my status, as per their instructions! If you also refuse to paste others' posts to your status, copy this and paste it to your status!" :-)

"You attract what you are. Be a sunrise!
Remember: One planet's sunrise is another solar system's star!" 2010

"This morning, the day was starting out a bit strange. It felt like it may be a full moon, so I looked it up. As it turns out, the moon was only half full (or was it half empty?)!"

‎"This is a time when we must take the most important journey of all - that fourteen inches from our head to our heart!!"
~ Grandmother Agnes

Jeff Rogers: "It may only be 14 inches, but if people are at the wrong end of a ruler, it can make a world of difference!"

Regarding: "Women produce half of the world's food but own just one percent of its farmland."

Jeff Rogers: "They also produce 100% of the world's babies! Sounds like they are getting the short end of the stick!"

"Fear is only an illusion; a bluff. It only has as much power as we give it."

"Remember: The sun is always shining. We just can't always see it. Our inner light is always shining, too, and we always have the opportunity to see it... All we have to do is look!"


Jeff's writing
In addition to authoring his books, Vice Cream, and Vegan Ice Cream, Jeff has written a variety of poems, many for his home-made holiday cards:


Many of Jeff's quotes can be found on his buttons:

Jeff's Buttons™

Jeff's Original Pin-Back Buttons
Jeff uses his creativity to create new designs for his 2 1/4" pin-back buttons. Soon to be available online, Jeff's Buttons ( are mostly vegetarian, vegan, and raw food-related, but include philosophical, animal rights, and just plain silly buttons! He also has a series of "hug" buttons. On his website, visitors can sign up to be notified when the site is ready. Over 220 designs and counting!


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