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Portrait of Jeff Rogers, The Naughty Vegan, author of Vice Cream and Vegan Ice Cream

This is the official home page of Jeff Rogers!

Jeff's web sites include: logo

The Naughty Vegan - "Vegan Ice Cream", Jeff's recipe book for making gourmet dairy-free "ice cream" is available! Jeff also shares how to open young coconuts, mature coconuts, and durian, as well as how to make fresh coconut milk!

Vegan Ice Cream

Vice Cream™ trademark

Vice Cream™ is Jeff's Trademark for gourmet dairy-free ice cream. Jeff has been creating his amazing Vice Cream™ since the 1900's (1999 to be specific)! Jeff serves up his Vice Cream™ at special events, through area restaurants, and at Vice Cream™ Parties!


Jeff's Photography
Jeff has been a talented photographer since a teen, but has not pursued it as a profession. He uses his talents for his websites and for images for creating his pin-back buttons, as well as to document events for non-profit organizations. Have a look at some of his work. More photos will be added later. logo

SoyStache - sharing some of the many benefits of a plant-based diet. The site includes extensive nutritional tables, raw food information, natural weight loss information, lists of famous vegetarians, and links to recent media articles. Using email and phone, Jeff has also conducted some celebrity vegetarian interviews. logo

The Ultimate Nutrition Tables website is the next generation of the nutrition tables found on These tables are very extensive and include almost 500 whole foods and their nutrient content. There are alphabetical food lists, as well as 56 tables based on the content of specific nutrients. logo

Sacred What If - "Play outside the box!" - Here's a great game/exercise that can be hilarious, as well as deeply profound. Very often synchronicity seems to play a role! Instructions for playing are on the website for free! logo

Magic of Synchronicity: Are you a fan of Synchronicity/Serendipity? Do you have stories of your own synchronicity? Are you interested in developing your own connection to synchronicity? My friend Giacinta is is helping with this project! Please visit the site for more details! logo

Drumming Instead is a grassroots effort to encourage Drumming Instead of fireworks! Read about the many ways that our planet suffers from fireworks, as well as the many ways that replacing them with drumming can greatly improve our world.


Memes - Here are some digital memes to share in your social networking that Jeff has come up with.

Jeff's writing
In addition to authoring his books, Vice Cream, and Vegan Ice Cream, Jeff has written a variety of poems, many for his home-made holiday cards:
Jeff Rogers' quotes:

Over the years, Jeff Rogers has shared many unique quotes and comments. Some have been philosophical, some inspirational, and some have been silly!

These pages include some of them.

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Jeff also helps people recall their dreams with
Dream-Work Affirmations (How to Remember Your Dreams)

Remembering Your Dreams logo well as "how to overcome fear and phobias!"

Have you ever experienced Déjà vu, Repetitive Déjà vu, and Prophetic Déjà vu?

Mother Earth image

Woman, by John Lennon - insight into Mother Earth?

“Woman” is an amazing song by John Lennon. Jeff has some unique insights into the song. When listened to with a different perspective, the meaning can be quite profound.

Jeff explains here:

Jeff Rogers in mirror

Photos of Jeff Rogers

Raw Vegan Chef
Jeff occasionally teaches classes on creating raw and vegan foods. He is best known for his gourmet dairy free ice cream, but has taught classes on many other topics. His 4-layer Chocolate Amaretto Torte has sold at charity auction for $275.00!


Jeff's Buttons logo

Jeff's Original Pin-Back Buttons
Jeff uses his creativity to create new designs for his 2 1/4" pin-back buttons. Soon to be available online, Jeff's Buttons ( are mostly vegetarian, vegan, and raw food-related, but include philosophical, animal rights, and just plain silly buttons! He also has a series of "hug" buttons. On his website, visitors can sign up to be notified when the site is ready. Over 220 designs and counting!

Purchase a Vegan Ice Cream book!

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