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Pike Place Market Theater Gum Wall

May 3, 2015

Jeff recently paid a visit to Seattle's Market Theater "Gum Wall"! The Gum Wall is on Post Alley adjacent to Pike Place Market.
Not a place for germaphobes, the Gum Wall is a strange, perhaps gross art piece made up of tens of thousands of wads of used gum!!!

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A visitor to the gum wall photographs himself placing his gum addition to the wall!

"No parking any time",
but parking wads is gum is fine!
"Can't Touch This!" (Th15)

Multiple selfies with the Gum Wall.

The Market Theater box office.

The (not so) lovely (and nasty) effect of melted used gum on an overhang.

Fifty Shades of Grey
in at least fifty shades of gray!

A gum face on the wall.

President Abraham Lincoln participates in an art piece on the Gum Wall.

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