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European Cruise September, 2007

I flew from Seattle to New York City. I spent a couple nights touring the city, including seeing the
David Letterman Show, then met up with a band of wild Vermonters for the flight to London. After
a couple nights in London, we took a bus to Dover to board the Crystal Symphony. Here is a map of the cruise:

New York City

While not part of Europe, New York City was part of my trip prior to my trip across the "pond" and was the last stop on the European cruise. I visited some friends, did some sightseeing, and tried some local raw vegan restaurants.


London, England, UK

The first stop of our organized tour was London. We spent two nights in London, then took a bus to Dover, England for the start of our cruise.


Dublin, Ireland

These are Images from around Dublin, Ireland, including amazing architecture, such as the Malahide Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral


Belfest, Northern Ireland

Belfast is known for its shipbuilding (such as the famed RMS Titanic) and has had a history of tension and violence, still visible in its fences and barbed wire. It's a lovely city with some facsinating architecture.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Reyykjavik is close to the Arctic Circle and on the cool side, but Iceland also offers natural hot springs and geothermal activity, which help keep people warm! Jeff captured some image from around the city, as well as the Blue Lagoon, a popular geothermal spa.


Fiords of Greenland

While this was not a planned part of our cruise, when the captain saw that the Prins Christian Sund was clear, he took the ship through this amazingly scenic area for a tremendous bonus! We were treated to glaciers, mountains, rock formations, and awesome icebergs!


Nuuk, Greenland

Also not far from the Arctic Circle, this city is chilly, but still offers some amazing beauty!


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photos from the city of the great explosion of 1917, including the Halifax Public Gardens, Fort George on Citadel Hill, Fairview Lawn Cemetery (the graveyard of Titanic passengers), and Peggys Cove.


Aboard the Cruise Ship Crystal Symphony

From stepping onto the ship in Dover to stepping off in New York City, here are photos of life on the ship, including some of my "special diet" meals (raw vegan). They ended up being predominantly fruit! They stocked organic produce for me, but didn't know just how much I eat! home / Jeff Rogers Photography

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